Garden Accents

Garden accents or accessories can be ANYTHING you wish to put in your garden areas. Accents are what make your garden YOURS!!

Your accent can be the focal point of an area:

  • an elaborate trellis with a climbing rose/clematis/vine
  • an interesting fence or small open gate
  • a small bridge from one are to another
  • a beautiful large statue
  • an unusual or unique bird feeder

Your accent may be a hidden surprise that catches the eye upon closer viewing:

  • a garden gnome
  • a small critter statute; frog, bunny, etc.
  • an interesting sculpture or statue

    Accents Faerie

Your accents can remain in one place or be moved around in your garden:

  • bird baths
  • sundials
  • gazing globes
Garden accents can be replaced or alternated whenever you get an urge to make a quick ‘n easy change to your garden areas:
  • stepping stones
  • garden/shepherd’s hooks
  • benches
You can turn an unsightly or uninteresting area into a beautiful area of bloom:
  • telephone pole
  • mailbox
  • tree
You can take an unusual or routine item and turn it into an “accent” easily:
  • bucket with violas pouring out
  • doll’s cast iron bed of groundcover/violas/pansies
  • colored bowling balls atop bird feeder stand
Now's the time to let your imagination and creativity flow in accenting your beautiful garden areas!

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