Color Combinations
in Your Flower Garden

Color combinations can set the mood in your flower garden.

Your garden can become a hot or cool environment.

You can also set the mood for excitement or relaxation by combining vibrant or soothing colors.

Combining reds, yellows, and oranges will produce the feeling of hot, vibrant excitement in your garden areas.

These bold, stimulating colors are viewed easily from a distance too so be sure to add some of these to the back of your garden.

Warm; lighter shades have a pastel-like effect, gentle; darker red shades are calming and make neighboring colors appear brighter
Glowing, warm color that makes neighboring colors appear darker
Mixed color; strong, lively, stimulating, warm
If you want a cooler, soothing, relaxing atmosphere, try combining blues, greens, and violets. Use these relaxing colors nearby, such as around your deck or firepit, to benefit most from the refreshing appearance of these cooler colors.

Cool, calming; visually broadens a garden area
Calming, mediating; ideal anywhere or as background color
Mixed color; cool

For a romantic effect, plant an area of blues and pinks. Throw in a white flower or two. Adding the white will show off the blues and pinks causing them to stand out even more.

If you're looking for serenity around you then an all-white garden is the way to go.

Be careful with using pure white as it can give the effect of harshness. Off-whites are better ... cream, eggshell, or bone ... or very pale (almost white) blues, pinks, or yellows can be used also.

Remember that you can include foliage color combinations in your plans also. There are many alternatives to what you might call your basic green. Look for some of the silver- and bronze-, or red- and purple-, or blue- and gold-colored leaves available in foliage plants.

Many of the ornamental grasses can help provide you with some stunning effects when used to accent flower color in your garden.

Be sure to check out using color in the garden for more information and more color tips for beautifully combining color in your garden.

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