Garden Faeries

Garden faeries ... every garden can benefit from a few of them. Faeries care for flowers and trees ... but beware the faerie gold!

Flower faeries are the wee folk of the earth who can only be seen by those who believe in them.

These gentle spirits are passionately in love with natural beauty. They are whimsical, stubborn, and quite beautiful.

Often, Faeries will use their magic to disguise their appearance.

Garden Faerie Faeries are usually seen as being human in appearance and having magical powers or supernatural abilities. They can fly, cast spells and are able to influence or see into the future. Mainly they are believed to appear as young, sometimes winged, small females. Although Faeries may or may not have wings, they are quite capable of flying by use of magic, also.

Faeries are known for their mischief and malice. Some pranks, like stealing or hiding items, are generally harmless.

But, they have been known for more disruptive actions, also. Faeries can be quite troublesome to those who allow greed and poverty to fill their lives.

And ... beware the Faerie gold! It is notoriously unreliable. Typically it appears as gold when paid, but soon becomes nothing more to the recipient than leaves, gingerbread cakes, or some other useless item.

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