Garden Footwear

Be sure you wear appropriate garden footwear when working in your garden.

Foot protection can help keep your feet safe from accidental garden injuries.

Foot coverings can help you avoid cutting or scraping your feet on sharp objects.

Garden shoes and boots can help prevent you from slipping on wet surfaces or can protect your feet from rolling or falling objects while in and around your garden areas.

Total foot protection is not guaranteed
even with the use of protective footwear.

Your feet are important to your ability to garden. Feet are the foundation of your body. Your whole body is supported by your feet. They help you move from place to place. They support you and provide leverage when lifting things. They are your workhorses when you're using a shovel to dig holes in the ground.

Help protect your feet while working in the garden by wearing the appropriate shoes or boots. Depending upon the gardening chores, there are different types of foot coverings available:

  • Digging - boots
  • Planting and Watering - wellies
  • Deadheading and Weeding - sloggers, crocs or clogs

You’ll want to be sure to choose garden boots or shoes that fit well yet allow you move about easily. Avoid tight-fitting foot protection that may be uncomfortable or make your feet hurt.

When you've finished working in your garden for the day, remember to treat your feet to a nice cleaning and a good protective lotion. You may even want to treat yourself to a foot massage.

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