Garden Furniture

Your choice in garden furniture, just like the rest of your garden area, is a matter of your personal tastes, your own likes or dislikes.

The furniture itself or the materials you pick … you can decide just how to, and how much to, “decorate” your outdoor rooms.

Some of the more popular themes you might consider when choosing your outdoor furniture are the same as if you were choosing indoor furniture: Contemporary, Country, Mediterranean, Modern, Romantic, Southwestern, Traditional, and Tropical. There is such a wonderful variety of furniture to choose from, also.

The newer, better-made and more attractive outdoor fabrics make it possible to create as many different styles of outdoor rooms as you might create for indoor rooms.

Much of the furniture available now comes in a variety of materials, too.

Some of these might include glass, weather-proof metals (such as aluminum), plastics, stone and teak or other (treated) woods.

Outdoor furniture can be purchased as individual pieces or in sets. Most commonly thought of as outdoor furniture is a patio set.

The set usually comes with four to six chairs, a table with a hole in the center where a patio umbrella can be inserted to help provide shade from the sun.

Sometimes the umbrella is included in the set; other times you’ll need to purchase one separately.

To the eating area, you might expand your outdoor room a little and add a grill to cook on.

You could even extend your outdoor season into early spring and late fall by setting up a heater in the area to keep you toasty warm while a chill is yet in the air.

If your budget allows it, you might even consider an outdoor fireplace. You might stop there or continue to add on with an arbor or pergola.

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