Gardening Trowel

A gardening trowel is a small hand shovel with a pointed, scoop-shaped metal blade. It can be used to break up soil and/or dig smaller holes.

This particular hand shovel is a bulb trowel. The blade is a little longer and has inches notched into the shovel's scoop. You can see how deep you are planting when using a hand tool with the measurements marked on it.

If you are concerned with hand or wrist pain when gardening, you'll want to check out those tools which offer an ergonomic design that help to relieve hand and wrist stress while enjoying your gardening.

When purchasing a trowel, buy the best quality one you can afford. Your little hand shovel is the work horse for your gardening pleasure. A sturdy, well-made trowel will help you chop, dig, scrap and pry in your garden when you need to do so.

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