Gazing Globes

Although many folks now use gazing globes or garden gazing balls mainly as an accent in their garden, at one time these highly polished reflective spheres actually fulfilled a useful purpose around the home.

History claims that gazing balls were once hand-blown by Venetian craftsmen. They soon became a "must-have" for European gardeners, the English in particular.

The mirrored finish could allow someone to subtly, without actually staring, watch what was happening around them. By looking at the reflection in the gazing ball, you could see things like a guest who may need a drink refilled or you could keep an eye on your daughter's young gentleman friend.

These yard globes have also been called Good Luck Balls and Globes of Happiness as they are said to bring happiness, good luck, prosperity and even wedded bliss to those who own them.

Gazing balls are now available in sizes ranging from as small as 2 inches up to 22 inches with many different types of finishes.

Along with the true glass globes, there are now stainless steel gazing balls also.

You even have the option of a glow-in-the-dark ball or a solar-powered fiber optic gazing ball to add to your garden area.

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