Lunar Gardening

By following some general guidelines for lunar gardening, you'll see some amazing results in the health of your plants the the general well-being of your garden areas.

It's a fairly well know fact that the moon has a strong influence over crop yields.

For years, gardeners, farmers and agriculturists have all observed the results of planting, caring for, and harvesting during the different phases of the moon.

If you adjust your gardening activities to go along with or coincide with the lunar phases, you'll be surprised how much healthier your plants will be and how much longer their blooms will last.

Your whole garden can benefit by your use of the phases of the moon to guide your gardening activities throughout the month.

One Caution:
On the actual day the moon changes to/from
any of the four quarters, do not plant.

1st Quarter or Waxing Moon

During this phase of the moon, from when it's dark to when it's 1/4 full is the best time for starting projects. Seeds of plants that flower above the ground can be sown at the new moon. The new moon is also a good time to fertilize and feed plants that you wish to flourish.

2nd Quarter

The next quarter moves from the 1st quarter to the moon being at its fullest and brightest in the sky. Plant for root growth during this time, especially flowers and herbs. Now is also the best time to harvest the leaves, stems, or seeds of any herbs you plan to dry.

3rd Quarter or Waning Moon

During this 3rd phase, the moon is waning towards growing dark. Anything done during this time will benefit underground development or slow growth. Now is the time for pruning trees, shrubs, and roses. It's the time for transplanting perennials. During the waning moon, it's a good time to plant flowering bulbs, biennials and perennials, also.

4th Quarter or Darkmoon

The fourth quarter, or darkmoon, is the best time for garden maintenance: weeding, cultivation and the removal of pests. Start a compost heap during the darkmoon time, begin a worm farm, or pick and dry some herbs or everlasting flowers for some rewarding lunar gardening.

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