Organic Flower Gardening

When you think about organic flower gardening, do you associate it with a lot of hard work and picky things needing to be done a certain way?

It's really easier than you may think ...

Basically, organic or green gardening means that you work with rather than against nature to create a balanced environment in your garden areas.

You work with the soil (building and maintaing it) and the bugs (control and management) to provide a natural balance.

If you have a soil problems or pest infestations, you use an environmentally safe way of dealing with the problem.

Organic Flower Gardening

On method of working with nature is to plant a large area of flowering plants that specifically attract bees to help pollinate your flowers.

Use a single color such as red or yellow or purple to draw the bees.

You can also set aside a patch of garden area and allow weeds to grow there.

Yes, allowing weeds to grow in a "controlled" area can be beneficial to your garden overall. The weed area you create can serve as a safe place for helpful garden insects to live.

If you find an abundance of slugs or snails or other pests inhabiting your garden though, some of the tried and true home remedies may help control the population.

You might even try some of the environmentally friendly insect and pest control products now on the market to help you quickly and effective rid the area of an overabundance of bugs.

Remember ... the key to organic gardening is simple: use healthy helpful and natural methods in your garden that are also environmentally safe to your soil and plants.

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