Garden Beds
Quick 'n Easy

There are different types of garden beds from which to choose when deciding to plant a garden.

Depending upon the space available and your gardening needs, a bed may be very small or quite large.

Sizes can vary from the smallest container garden to the largest in-ground garden area you can imagine.

Although you can prepare inground beds in the spring it's much better done in the fall ... and can be quicker 'n easier, too.

With just a little advanced planning, it's possible to prepare an easy in-ground bed for use next spring.

Garden Beds

Easy Fall Preparation for an Inground Garden Bed

If it's fall and you're thinking of planting next spring, you can quickly 'n easily prepare a garden area by simply working overtop of the grassy areas where you plan to place your beds. This method of preparing inground bed areas should provide a nice place for you to plant in next spring.

  • Lay out and edge the shape of the bed you want.

  • Place a thick layer of newspaper (8-10 sheets thick) over the area you plan to use for planting. (Smothering the vegetation underneath in this way is easier than all-at-once digging out sod to form the bed.)

  • Wet the newspaper well to hold it in place.

  • Cover the area with at least 6-8in of nutrient rich soil (soil with a peat humus mix will work well.)

  • When ready to plant next spring, you should be able to dig your holes right through the newspaper and into the ground below.

If it's already spring however, and you want to put plants into a garden now ... you do have other options: container growing, raised beds or dug out inground garden beds.

Whether you choose to prepare a fall bed for spring planting or whether you choose to start with a container or two, raise a bed, or dig right in and plant multiple dug out beds, you'll be glad you took a little time out to play in the dirt some.

"There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments."
~ Janet Kilburn Phillips

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