Container Growing

Container growing is an ideal solution if you have limited space.

Not only do container gardens take up less space, they also require less time to maintain than either a raised or in-ground bed.

container growing

You may wish your container garden to be as small as a single container with a variety of plants. Or you could set out several containers close together and give the effect of a larger garden area.

Using the containers to create the effect of a larger garden area will still allow you the flexibility of expanding by adding more containers or removing containers and becoming a smaller area again if you wish.

It will also allow you greater flexibility if you wish to change the flowers or plants often.

There are many new lightweight containers (planters) now that are able to handle weather extremes better than other types of garden pots.

With container gardening, you're able to put plants in any type of container available as long as it has drain holes or you're able to punch drain holes into the container.

You could also place a standard nursery pot and drip tray within your feature planter.

container plants

And of course, you could branch into container vegetable gardening and/or container herb gardening.

There are a variety of vegetables and herbs that are so decorative that they will add a delightful touch to your container garden.

  • When transplanting to your container, use good nutrient rich soil to supplement the soil your potted plants came in. A premium grade potting soil works best for growing flowers and plants in containers. A mix that includes sphagum peat moss and perlite is good.
  • Water your container plants only as needed because as the water drains out of the container it will be taking nutrients with it.
  • You may wish to replant your items with fresh new soil from time to time or you may choose to use an organic time-released fertilizer to help keep the soil in your containers healthy longer.

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