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A Feast of Flowers

candied rose Candied Rose

Flowers can be fun in all sorts of ways... even edible!

Take rose petal jam for instance. According to, the process is not difficult.

Simply steep the petals from a red Damask rose in hot water for 24 hours, strain them and add sugar to make a tasty jam or syrup. You can find out how to get even more enjoyment from your roses by visiting their website.

You can even make candied edible flowers to use for beautifully decorating cakes, cream pies or any number of other goodies. You'll want to give this a try as it's really quite easy to do!

Make an On-screen Flower Garden

To open a new window and create a beautiful screen full of flowers, try out this Flower Garden on-line. Hold your mouse down and drag it back 'n forth across the screen for your blooms to appear.

Garden Quotes

So many words of wisdom find a perfect analogy in gardening. Our garden quotes may just provide the perfect inspiration for your day!

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