Vegetable Gardening Tips

Let's look at the top vegetable gardening tips to help you have the freshest looking and tastiest veggies in your area!

Who doesn't like fresh vegetables picked right from the garden?

You too can have a wonderful and healthy vegetable garden in no time with a little help.

First let us look at what is required for a good vegetable garden and what makes it grow.

Top Vegetable Gardening Tips

vegetable gardening tips

  • Keep it close - try and plan your garden close to your home in order to have easy access when it is time to tend the garden.

    Another good reason for having it close to your house is when vegetables of all sorts are ready to be picked, they will be in an accessible spot for you to harvest easily.

  • Keep it sunny - your garden should be in a sunny spot so don't choose a side of your home that is mostly in the shade.

    Almost all vegetable gardens require full sunlight to keep the garden healthy - be sure to read the directions on each seed packet.

  • Decide what to grow - if you are new to vegetable gardening, you may want to pick sturdy vegetables which grow easily such as potatoes, green beans or sweet corn.

    Once you feel confident that you can handle your garden, experiment with delicate tomatoes and other vegetables that may require a little more attention or cultivating.

  • Don't forget the herbs - all sorts of herbs such as lemon grass, parsley, bay leafs and other herbs grow easily and will thrive in your vegetable garden and when it's time to pick the veggies, you'll have all the herbs and spices to tempt your entire family's taste buds.
  • What about a garden bed? - a garden bed does require more room than a small spot outside your kitchen door. However, you can plan this easily.

    If you have the room, split the area into narrow beds and keep a path in between in order to have room to walk, plant, and pick your fresh vegetables and herbs. Follow the directions on the seed packets regarding how far apart to space your beds.

  • What about the soil? - the purpose of soil is to provide nutrients for your vegetables. The roots of your vegetables require oxygen and experts say a good soil mix is 50% soil, 25% water and 25% air.

    To create this great soil mix so your vegetable garden will flourish, use what is called the "dig" system.

    This requires you to dig the soil and mix compost around your vegetable plants seasonally.

    Another effective way to enhance your soil is to throw food scraps (peels, coffee grounds, tea bags, etc. but NO meat products) into your garden with worms and allow the worms to make compost naturally.

    This is always recommended for the environmentalist or person who wants to be a green gardener.

vegetable gardening tip

More Vegetable Gardening Tips

  • Mix up your plan - each year when it's time to plant again, try changing your vegetable garden design: where you grew the carrots and potatoes and switching all the vegetable seedlings, seeds, or plants around - except the perennials of course.

    They will thrive from the nutrients in the soil left behind from the prior year's crop.

  • Be pesticide smart - in these days of being environmentally responsible, try and use green-friendly pesticides that do not contain harmful chemicals that will travel into the air or ones that may make your animals or birds ill.

    If you aren't sure which pesticides are considered to be environmentally safe, ask your garden center expert.

  • Watering your vegetable garden is very easy if you follow the directions from the vegetable seed packets.

    It may be more important to water a lot in the initial planting stage and less as the vegetables begin to grow.

Vegetable gardens are the healthiest way to enjoy all the veggies you desire when you want them without a trip to the market.

Take your time to plant your vegetable garden, choose a good spot and follow some of the vegetable gardening tips here to achieve great results.

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