Indoor Gardening Tips

As a youngster I learnt many indoor gardening tips from my grandmother.

I remember her dining room window where plants of all types crept up a block glass window.

Every plant was healthy and luscious and my eyes couldn't help being drawn to her houseplants each time I entered her home.

I learned many tips from her and here, I'll share some of her best secrets!

indoor gardening tips

Indoor Garden Lighting

Lighting is probably the biggest item to consider when planning your indoor garden.

If you're not sure of how much light a certain plant will need, ask your local garden center expert or look the plant up on the Internet for tips on the correct amount of lighting.

A big window full of light or a glass block window is a great example of adequate lighting for your indoor garden. If you have lower lighting areas, that doesn't mean you still can't enjoy an indoor garden. Using plants that require low light is always one of the easy indoor gardening tips to remember.

Consider the Plants

Along with your lighting concerns, you should buy plants that you can use in floor pots as well as hanging pots.

Keep in mind your lighting situation and combine plants that use lower light, artificial lighting, and ones that require direct sunlight.

By placing your plants in the recommended light areas, you can mix and match your plants, flowering plants, or hanging plants so that each plant gets the appropriate amount of lighting they need.

Moving Plants

indoor plants House Plants

One of the valuable indoor gardening tips is to remember during the summer months that you can move some of your direct sunlight plants outside or if you prefer, rotate the plants of your indoor garden so that they receive varied lighting that will make them grow new sprouts.

One way to tell if your indoor plants are not doing well or not getting enough light is that you may notice the stems or leaves of a plant may turn yellow or brown. If this happens, you can enhance your lighting with artificial lighting.

Again, check with your local garden center on recommended indoor gardening lights and how to set them up for maximum effect.

More Indoor Gardening Tips

Training Your Plants

Believe it or not, you can train a plant to flourish in a certain area. To do this, when you first add a plant to your indoor garden, make sure you give it the required amount of light as directed.

After a month or so, try reducing the amount of lighting the plant receives little by little, being careful to watch the plant is not turning yellow.

You'll be surprised how easily this can be done.

Water and More Water

indoor garden

Every plant you put in your indoor garden will require a different amount of water. One way you can make your indoor garden easy to handle is by using plants that require the same amount of water.

Or, use this basic rule of thumb: When watering your indoor garden, make sure you thoroughly wet the soil so that water drains out of the pot and into the pot's holding container.

A thorough soaking less often is more beneficial than a superficial watering on a daily basis.

Remember, if you are planting seeds or seedlings, read the directions on how much water they may need at the start of their growth.

Don't Over Water!

Over watering is a common mistake indoor gardeners make. You will know if you are over watering much the same way you know if your plants are getting too much light.

Stems and leaves may appear yellow or brown. Don't keep any plant's soil soaked all the time. This will only produce unhealthy plants that may not last.

Another good trick when watering, is to make sure the water temperature is room temperature and not too cold or hot as this could harm your indoor garden.

Temperature and Humidity

Every plant will require varied temperatures and humidity. When picking the plants for your indoor garden ask a garden expert what types of plants mix well together when it comes to humidity and house temperature.


Yes, your indoor garden will require feeding or fertilizing! Again, to ensure you are fertilizing your plants correctly ask questions at the garden center or do your research on the plants you have in your indoor garden.

An indoor garden can be an attractive amenity to your home and something that will catch everyone's eye upon entering your home. Follow our indoor gardening tips for your gardening success!

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