Hosta Plants

Hosta are one of the easiest plants to grow and are available in a wide variety of sizes (heights and widths) and leaf colors and shapes.

Plant Highlights

large leaf hosta Hosta in Perennial Beds

  • Colors: green, blue, cream, and yellow foliage plants

  • Height: 3-4 in - 3 ft; Width: 8 in - 3 ft

  • Bloom Period: spring through fall

  • Exposure: partial shade/some sun

  • Pests: slugs and snails can prove quite problematic for these plants (you may need to take steps to protect your plants from these pests); deer (especially attracted to the fragrant-flowered beauties)

  • Soil: tolerate a wide range of soil types yet would prefer slightly acidic soil

  • Comments: one of the easiest plants to grow; plentiful variety in leaf shapes and sizes from which to choose - one of the many reasons why they are such popular perennial border plants.

These plants can be found and grown in just about any temperate climate. They do require some cooler temperatures and an occasional frost to perform well.

With limited sun exposure (remember that this means your plants need to be shaded from the hot late afternoon sun) these beauties will thrive in your garden areas.

hosta plants h. sieboldiana 'Elegans'

The flower stalk on these plants is called a "scape" and scape heights may vary from year to year typically depending upon the age of the plant.

The fragrant-flowered and solid green varieties will tolerate full morning sun and flourish best when kept out of the hot afternoon sun.

The more sunlight these plants receive, the more water they will need in order to thrive. Watering should be increased for plants receiving more than 3 or 4 hours of direct afternoon sunlight.

You'll also find that these plants have such an interesting variety of leaf types - you'll be spoilt for choice.

Leaf shapes may be lance-shaped, heart-shaped, oval, or nearly round. Leaf textures may be smooth, quiltlike, or puckery.

Think the only foliage color is green? In these plants, leaf colors range from light to dark green, cream to chartreuse, and shades of blue.

hosta varieties A Small Sample of Hosta Varieties

Leaf colors may also be found in combinations that could include white, yellow, or cream.

These beauties generally will grow freely for many years and actually do better when undisturbed and they make a beautiful display in a herbaceous border.

If a Hosta plant overgrows its setting, you can easily transplant it in the spring.

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