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GardenBrief - New Domain Name

It's official and much shorter to remember


As from November 2018 our domain name will be changed to

Be sure to resubscribe to our feed to stay in the loop!

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Multiply the Beauty in Your Garden

lady in red iris

Take a look at your iris plants - if they've been there for more than 3 years, you can very easily divide them.

Fill another spot, exchange them with neighbors for different colors and give them a new lease on life!

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Always Wondered How to Do a Rock Garden?

Rock Garden

This spring may be the ideal opportunity to do a special project in your garden.

Your property may lend itself beautifully to add a rock garden!

Take a look at:

  • Determining the best location
  • Selecting the rocks
  • The building steps
  • Selecting the right plants

  • and more...

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Ornamental Grasses - A Must Have in Every Garden

Garden design ideas invariably feature the most gorgeous ornamental grasses because of their shapes, colors and ease of growing and maintenance.

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Plant Allergies - Gardening with Allergies

How to cope with plant allergies when gardening. Explore our practical gardening tips to reduce symptoms when gardening with allergies.

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Lawn Care Tips

The top lawn care tips for creating and keeping a lush and healthy lawn.

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Groundcover - A Spotlight on Viola and Sedum

Violas provide groundcover in a variety of beautiful colors. Low-growing sedum provide interesting variety with both plants being very easy to grow.

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Tulip Flowers - Guidelines for Growing

Get some color into your garden after the winter gloom with tulip flowers. They are amongst the first to bloom and are easy to grow either in containers or in your flower beds.

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Gardening Bulbs and Rhizomes

How to tell the difference between bulbs and rhizomes and how to take care of their planting and propagation.

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Daylily Flower Pictures

Just browsing through the gorgeous dailily flower pictures on display will surely convince you to add these easy to care for plants to your garden.

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Daylily Flowers - A Splendid Display

An overview of the different types of dailily flowers that are available for you to create stunning, yet easy to maintain flower beds.

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Reblooming Daylilies

Take a look at some reblooming daylilies that will add color to your garden for an extended period.

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Perennial Flower Pictures

Take a look at the perennial flower pictures on display. They are amongst the easy care flowers for you to consider for your garden.

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Container Gardening Tip

A handy container gardening tip for dealing with very large pots and when planting a variety of plants in the same container.

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Container Water Gardening And Water Gardening Tips

Some practical tips and ideas for container water gardening both indoors and ourdoors.

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