Dailily Flower Pictures

If you're looking for daylily flower pictures, you'll find a wide selection here to use for planning your flowering areas.

Every year more and more of these beauties have found their way into our gardens and once you see how beautiful they are and how easy it is to care for these plants, you too may get bitten with the collector's bug.

Using the bloom times (and heights) as guide can help you plan your layouts, so as to have flowers throughout the season.

Bloom times are listed below as follows:
EE = Extra Early, E = Early, EM = Early to Mid-season
M = Mid-season, MLa = Mid- to Late, La = Late, VLa = Very late

Daylily Babylonian Pearl Dailily Bamboo Blackie Dailily Black Plush
'Babylonian Pearl'
28" - EM
'Bamboo Blackie'
24" - M
'Black Plush'
32" - M
(Spider Variant)

Dailily Calgary Stampede Daylily Camel Caravan Daylily Cardinals Crest
'Calgary Stampede'
22" - MLa
'Camel Caravan'
28" - M
'Cardinal's Crest'
30" - EM
(Unusual Form)

Daylily Classic Waltz Daylily Comanche Drums Don Diego Daylily
'Classic Waltz'
29" - EM
'Comanche Drums'
22" - EM
'Don Diego'
28" - EM

Daylily Double Ojai Daylily Early Snow Elizabeth Francis Woodhall Daylily
'Double Ojai'
32" - M
'Early Snow'
29" - E
'Elizabeth Francis Woodhall'
36" - M

Daylily Elizabeths Magic Daylily Gentle Shepherd Daylily Marchioness
'Elizabeth's Magic'
24" - EM
'Gentle Shepherd'
29" - EM
30" - VLa

Daylily Mauna Loa Daylily Mountain Almond Daylily Nosferatu
'Mauna Loa'
22" - EM
'Mountain Almond'
26" - EM
26" - M

Daylily Obsession in Red Daylily Open Hearth Daylily Parade of Peacocks
'Obsession in Red'
18" - M
'Open Hearth'
26" - M
'Parade of Peacocks'
36" - MLa
(Unusual Form)

Daylily Peggy Jeffcoat Daylily Pygmy Prince Daylily Ruby Spider
'Peggy Jeffcoat'
18" - MLa
'Pygmy Prince'
26" - M
'Ruby Spider'
34" - E
(Unusual Form)

Daylily Siloam Harold Flickinger Daylily Smugglers Gold Daylily Spiced Melon
'Siloam Harold Flickinger'
26" - EM
'Smugglers Gold'
24" - M
'Spiced Melon'
26" - EM

Daylily Spindazzle Daylily Stella de Oro Daylily Tylwyth Teg
30" - M
'Stella de Oro'
11" - EM
'Tylwyth Teg'
40" - M

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