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Beautifully Combine Color for Use in Your Flower Garden
Using the sequence of colors around the color wheel you can apply three easy to remember tips for creating beautiful color combinations in your garden areas.

Daylilies... Beauty for a Day in Every Way
You are looking for a versatile flower that can be used anywhere in your sunny garden areas. You need look no further than to that beauty for a day...the daylily. Variety in size, color and form...the daylily has it all.

Hosta Plants - So Much More Than Just Another Pretty Green
Hosta plants? They're those green plants, right? Well yes; however, hosta are so much more than just those "green plants."

Fragrant Bearded Iris
Not all bearded Iris are created equal. Some fragrant bearded Iris are not only stunningly beautiful to the eye, they can also be so delectably scented that they tantalize your olfactory senses too.

tulip articles

All Tulips Look Alike...or Do They?
Do you have the picture in your mind showing that tulips all look alike? Believe it or not, there are several different flower types that sit atop a tulip stem.

Understanding Botanical Names and Cultivars
Knowing the botanical names for the genus and cultivar of a plant can ensure that you take home the correct plant you want put into your garden./

A Beautiful Flower Garden - One Plant at a Time
If you are looking to have a beautiful flower garden full of thriving plants, the best thing you can do is take it one plant at a time.

Plant Selection as Important as Good Soil?
You bet it is! You can have the most perfect soil on earth and yet if you put the wrong plant in that soil, it will not grow.

Calculation for Purchasing Packaged Compost
When purchasing packaged compost, knowing how to calculate the number of bags of product you need to cover an area in your garden, can be a bit overwhelming until you know the formula.

To Mulch or Not to Mulch... That is the Question
Should you mulch every part of your garden that is bare of flowers or plants? In most cases, you'll find mulching your garden can be quite beneficial. In other instances, you may want to avoid mulching some items.

It Died ... So Now What?
You bought that flower or plant you've been wanting. You planted it, cared for it, died. Now what?

gardening accent article

Just What ARE Garden Accents?
Garden accents or yard art is any decoration or adornment used for the purpose of accenting a yard or garden area.

Ants and Bees and Worms...Oh My!
Sometimes beginning gardeners are concerned that they may have a problem with the creatures they encounter while playing in the dirt. But, are those ants or bees or worms actually a necessary part of a healthy garden area?

Fall Garden Cleanup
Fall garden cleanup can be a rather sad time for many gardeners. Yet for others, it signals a time of gardening preparation in anticipation of the growing season NEXT year!

The Twelve Gifts for Gardeners
As a kid, I was always under the impression that the song, "The Twelve Days of Christmas", referred to the twelve days before Christmas. I always thought the gifts were listed in the song as they were given to someone during the twelve days preceding Christmas and ending up with the Partridge in a Pear Tree being given on Christmas Day.


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