Container Gardening Tips

Let's have a look at some quick n easy container gardening tips.

container gardening tips

The different types of containers you can use for your gardening is almost endless - container gardening is as simple as going through your garage or attic or visiting weekend yard sales and finding items you can use to plant both flowers, plants and small shrubs as well as vegetables and herbs.

For an unusual look try tall and skinny containers next to plump or smaller containers to make your garden look unique.

You can even use a combination of potted containers in conjunction with hanging containers that you hang from a trellis or deck. The possibilities for your container garden are endless!

The important bit is to provide drainage holes so the roots do not become waterlogged.

Maybe you have a hand-me-down patterned bowl set your mother gave you, or a pitcher or jug from your childhood that is full of memories.

If you cannot (or do not want to) drill holes in the container itself, then simply place a normal plant pot and drip tray within your prized container.

More Container Gardening Tips

A little known fact is that container gardening was developed by the Egyptians and Romans and hit California in the United States in the late 1950's before becoming popular throughout the world.

Beyond the types of containers you can come up with, even an old boot, planning and arranging your garden is also important.

First, pick flowers, plants, and shrubs that will grow well in the area you live in. For example if you live in a frosty area, you might have to avoid flowers or plants that are tender to cold, unless you can place them in a well-protected space.

If you aren't sure, make a trip to your local garden centre and ask for some suggestions on plants and their container gardening tips. They are sure to have the seedlings and plants you need right there.

periwinkle in container Periwinkle in a Rusty Farm Container

Try and mix and match your containers so they have an attractive appeal. You might put a yellow pitcher container next to a terra cotta planter or a ceramic bowl full of color to spark up your pattern.

Alternatively, you may want to keep the colors of the pots the same whilst you play around with different shapes and sizes.

Consider your plants, flowers, and shrubs next. Some will grow tall, some will be rounder in shape and plants like ivy will hang. Don't put all your hanging plants on one side of your garden - unless you are creating an a-symmetrical design on purpose and you balance it in some otjer way.

Arrange your garden so it has attractive eye appeal where all the plants and flowers flow together and catch the eye.

Don't forget about color when it comes to container gardening and we're not just talking about the containers. You don't want all your blue or yellow flowers together so make sure you mix those up too for maximum effect.

Or, if you wish, you can use the same flowers and plants and make a one-color alternating design of color and greenery.

Use terra cotta posts with glazed containers and if you have the space try and be inventive and utilize large pots and containers for your garden.

hydrangea in containers Hydrangea in Wooden Tubs

Placing pots within your garden beds is a very effective way to add interest and to attract attention to a spot in your garden.

Put large plants and flowers in large pots and avoid using small plants in large pots as it can make your container garden look uneven and not attractive.

Unusual Container Gardening Tips

To ensure your container garden stays healthy, seek plants that require around the same amount of water and water as directed or follow your city or town's guideline on watering your garden so you are doing your bit for the environment.

While container gardening may have become popular in the late 1950's, it keeps gaining popularity - and not only because of smaller spaces available for gardening. Container vegetable gardening or herb gardenening in containers is a great way to have fresh ingredients on hand and it's great fun too!

Get the kids involved with their own container garden - there is so much they can learn from such a project and it may foster a love of growing things from a very young age.

You're sure to look with a new eye at hand-me-downs and attic discoveries and yard / car boot sale treasures that can be used to create a colourful and wonderful space for friends, family or a peaceful place for you to contemplate your next container gardening project.

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