Reblooming Daylilies

By planting reblooming daylilies, you'll be rewarded with an abundance of blooms that help to extend the length of time that daylily flowers are part of your garden each season.

reblooming daylilies Daylily 'Stella de Oro'

The botanical name for the daylily is Hemerocallis meaning, "Beauty for a day".

Yes, it is true that the beautiful daylily opens its flowers in the morning then they close and die overnight.

But! The plant usually has many stalks (scapes) that produce literally dozens of flowers.

Now, add to that some of the cultivars that rebloom each season, usually once early in the season and then again in the fall, and what better plant to have grace your garden than the variety offered in the daylily.

The popular 'Stella de Oro', festured here, forms a medium sized clump about 12" high and 12" wide.

The beautiful golden yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers bloom early in the season, take a brief rest, and rally again at the end of the growing season.

'Stella' looks great planted in rows or in clumps. The flowers of 'Stella' are also fragrant.

If that weren't enough, this daylily has the added benefit of being deer resistant, too. It's no wonder 'Stella de Oro' can be found in so many gardens.

Along with this beauty, some of the other reblooming daylily cultivars you might want to plant are:

rebloom daylily Daylily 'Mountain Almond'

  • 'Beautiful Edgings'; Cream with rose edges
  • 'Dempsey Everblooming Gold'; Gold self
  • 'Gentle Shepherd'; Near white self with yellow-green throat
  • 'Mountain Almond'; Almond peach self with green throat
  • 'Ruth Whitten'; Large showy mauve double
  • 'Smuggler's Gold'; Golden yellow bronze
  • 'White Perfection'; Near white self

Add to the dozens of blooms that a daylily produces a cultivar that also reblooms, and your garden areas can be graced with these beauties for a good portion of the growing season.

Head on over to our page featuring a large variety of Dailily Flower Pictures of reblooming daylilies and more - you'll be spoilt for choice!

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