Dailily Flowers

Daylily flowers are available in a wide variety of colors and flower shapes.

The Daylily pictures here will show you a nice sampling of the many different types or cultivars that can be grown.

If your gardening area's soil is sand based, you'll be well advised to amend or improve it (add compost and a good feed) with every flower or plant that goes into the ground.

General information about daylilies can be found in the Easy Care Plants area of the website also.

And there are more pictures of the almost 40 varieties of daylily flowers growing in the GQnE garden.

Be sure to check out the article Daylilies...Beauty for a Day in Every Way to see just how versatile these flowers can be.

Below you will find pictures of some of the different daylily flower types in the GQnE garden: Blends, Doubles, Edged, Spider / Spider Variants, and the Unusual Forms.

Bloom times are listed below as follows:
EE = Extra Early, E = Early, EM = Early to Mid-season
M = Mid-season, MLa = Mid- to Late, La = Late, VLa = Very late


Blends mix or combine together two or more colors.

Don Diego Daylily Elizabeth Francis Woodhall Daylily Mountain Almond Daylily
'Don Diego'
28" - EM
henna & vermilion orange
'Elizabeth Francis Woodhall'
36" - M
yellow, pink orange & tan
'Mountain Almond'
26" - EM
almond & peach


Doubles are flowers within the flower.

Peggy Jeffcoat Daylily
'Peggy Jeffcoat'
18" - MLa


Edged daylilies have a different color
along the outer edges of the petals.

Daylily Camel Caravan Daylily Elizabeth's Magic Daylily Mauna Loa
'Camel Caravan'
28" - EM
'Elizabeth's Magic'
24" - EM
'Mauna Loa'
22" - EM

Spiders / Spider Variants

Spiders have petals with a ratio of 4:1, length to width.

Daylily Black Plush Daylily Open Hearth Daylily Tylwyth Teg
'Black Plush'
32" - M
(Spider Variant)
'Open Hearth'
26" - M
'Tylwyth Teg'
40" - M

Unusual Forms

Interesting and unusual flower forms
sets these daylilies apart from the others.

Daylily Parade of Peacocks Daylily Ruby Spider Daylily Spindazzle
'Parade of Peacocks'
36" - MLa
(Unusual Form)
'Ruby Spider'
34" - E
(Unusual Form)
30" - M
(Unusual Form)

Without a doubt, having looked at these beautiful dailily flowers, you're sure to find at least one from all of the daylily types available that you'll want to add to YOUR beautiful areas of bloom, too!

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