Seven Steps to Successful Easy Gardening

Everyone can garden. Everyone has a little green in their thumbs. Easy gardening can bring out the green in your thumbs even though you may think there is little to none there.

There are no gardening mistakes,
only experiments.

~ Janet Kilburn Phillips

Keeping the following seven steps in mind will help insure that you'll have success when setting up a flower garden. These steps can also help make gardening care easy if you are planning to put in vegetables or herbs somewhere in your garden areas.

  • build raised garden beds or easily prepare inground garden beds in the fall for easy planting in the spring
  • use plants that will be successul in your hardiness zone and in your available sun/soil conditions
  • use potted flowering plants rather than starting plants from seed
  • add compost each spring and fall to feed the soil and replenish nutrients
  • mulching bare soil areas to protect soil, retain/conserve moisture and control/prevent weeds
  • regular garden watering is important for plant growth; 1-1/2 inches per week is a good average
  • be flexible; if something is unsuccessful, replace it or try something else

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