Garden Watering Tips

Garden watering for already established flowers and plants in your garden can be done in a number of ways.

As you walk around your garden areas every day, you'll very quickly notice if any of the flowers or plants may be in need of a drink.

If any of your items are wilting or drooping, watering the flowers or plants may be just what they need to bring them back to full health.

There are several ways in which water can be provided for the flowers and plants in your garden areas.

Some of the options you may choose from could include:

  • by hand using a watering can
  • using a hose sprayer or sprinklers
  • a soaker hose or drip irrigation system
  • other irrigation or automatic sprinkling system and making the most from your water supply

watering can

The Best Time for Garden Watering

Water your flowers and plants early in the morning, before 10am is best.

In the heat of the day, water evaporates quickly so much of it will be unable to reach the roots of your plants.

Also, during the middle of the day the sun may tend to burn the wet flowers or plants.

You may prefer to water late in the afternoon. If so, after 4pm and before dark is best. Wet leaves and stems overnight may cause fungus or disease to grow on your flowers and plants, however.

Note though that water sitting on plants overnight may encourage slug visitation around some plants, such as hosta.

Frequency of Watering the Plants

You may want to consider doing a deep garden watering every 3-5 days or so rather than watering every day for shorter periods.

If you water every day for short periods of time, the water may evaporate from the surface soil before getting a chance to reach the roots.

A deep watering will ensure that the water actually reaches the roots of your flowers and plants.

Watering plants and flowers in your garden every 3-5 days will give their roots a chance to partially dry out between waterings.

Remember that if you live in a warmer area, you may need to water your flowers and plants a bit more than if you live in a cooler more temperate area.

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