Gardening Zones

Knowing your gardening zones for hardiness and heat can help you decide which plants to choose. Your geographical location will affect how successful your flowers or plants will grow in your gardening areas.

You'll need to know how cold your area may become and, if you live in a warmer climate, you may also want to know how hot your area can get.

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For example: If your garden is located in Hardiness zone 5, for orchids to be successfully planted outside in the garden and expected to thrive would be an impossibility.

Most plant descriptions will list the hardiness zone range, typically two numbers: "Hardiness zone 3-8" or "Hardy in: Zones 4-7" When you see four numbers as in 3-8, 8-1 you will be seeing both the hardiness zone (the first set of numbers) and the heat zone (the second set of numbers).

To help you locate plants that will grow well in your geographical area, some of the on-line catalogs have Plant Finders.

You simply plug in your growing zone, pick some other options that you may like to include and the website will provide you with plenty of flowers and plants to choose from to plant in your garden.

To see the maps showing the gardening zones for:
The United States of America
The United Kingdom
South Africa

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In addition, for our site visitors who live in the USA, here's a quick and easy tool to look up YOUR gardening zones.

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