Before Digging

You'll want to choose just the right spot for your flower or plant before digging the hole in your garden area. You know when the right time to plant is.

You know the amount of sunlight or shade needed for maximum growth potential. You've determined your soil type and are ready to amended or improve it if necessary when you plant your item.

Now let's get ready to dig the hole ...

Set your potted flowers and/or plants out in your garden area in the spots where you think you'd like to plant them. Be sure to set them where you’ll be able to see them often so you'll receive full enjoyment of their beauty.

Walk around the area moving the containers and re-setting them until you're happy with their placement.

When you think you have it just right, walk around it one more time viewing the placement from different sides.

You may need to use a little imagination regarding the size of your items when they are at full growth.

Remember to put flowers and plants that will be taller to the back or middle and place the shorter plants to the front.

You'll also want to prepare the flower or plant to put in the hole you dig. To loosen the item from the pot, press around the sides of the container. When loosened, you can easily pull the whole thing out.

If the roots appear bound tightly in the pot, use your fingers and firmly press around the root ball to loosen it a little before transplanting.

This will help loosen the roots and encourage any young roots to grow outward.

You're ready to dig that hole!

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