Different Types of Gardening Beds

There are different types of gardening beds in which to put your plants and flowers.

Sometimes the space you have available or the soil you have to work with will determine what type of garden beds you will use.

There are three major types of beds to choose from.

There are inground garden beds, a raised garden beds, or container growing, can all be types of beds to choose from when planting. Each bed has advantages and disadvantages to consider.

Inground Beds


  • lots of flexibility in design and layout
  • require little in the way of building materials
  • can be easy to prepare

  • Disadvantages

    • relies on type of in-ground soil at site (amendment/improving may be necessary)
    • may be difficult to dig if soil is rocky

Raised Garden Beds


  • can provide clear garden definition in design and layout
  • variety of materials available to use as frame for beds
  • beneficial in areas where gardening site's soil is in poor condition

  • Disadvantages

    • framing materials may be costly depending upon what is chosen to be used



  • complete flexibility in location; can even be placed in areas where there is no soil
  • excellent for use in areas with limited space
  • containers come in a variety of sizes, from the very smallest to the very largest you can find

  • Disadvantages

    • often requires a special soil mix
    • will require additional care as to water and/or fertilization needs

Whether you're setting up garden flower beds, vegetable beds, or simply growing a few herds, you can choose any of the gardening beds above and have just the right size bed for you and your gardening needs.

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