Garden Sunlight...
Sun or Shade Requirements
in the Garden

Knowing your garden sunlight or shade requirements for the plants or flowers you want put in is important for successful plant growth.

Usually listed on the plant care tag will be the suggested sun/shade requirements for best growth of your flowers and plants.

Where to plant your flowers and plants is an important question to ask before actually putting them in the ground.

Is your garden area full of direct sun?

Is it in direct sun only half the day?

Are there trees or buildings around the garden areas where you want to plant your flowers?

garden sunlight

The easy care plants on this website are well-suited to garden areas of full sun to partial sun/shade.

Be sure to review the plant highlights for each one so you'll be confident in placing the right plant in the right amount of sunlight.

Remember also that sunlight is usually hotter or more intense in the afternoon than in the morning.

Place your flowers and plants in areas that receive plenty of sunlight in early morning or late afternoon if possible.

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