Digging the Hole

Grab your shovel ... it's finally time for digging the hole to put your flowers and plants into your garden areas.

Most potted flowers have planting instructions on a tag that comes with the pot. To know how far apart each item should be placed from the others, follow the instructions on the tag.

When planting your potted items into the ground:

  • remove the flower or plant from the pot

  • dig out an area twice as deep and twice as wide as the item you are putting into the ground

  • mix some of the peat humus in with the soil you dug out to make the hole

  • keeping as much of the original dirt from the pot as you can, place the flower or plant into the hole at the same depth it was originally growing in its container

  • use the soil and peat humus mix you made from digging out the hole and pack the soil firmly but not too tightly around the roots and fill in the hole

  • water well, and add more soil if necessary (water again if you add more soil)

  • lay a ring of 2-3in of mulch all around the root area, leaving the stem area clear

Planting your flowers and plants with the care they deserve will allow them to respond favorably and will, in turn, allow you to enjoy many years of bloom from them.

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