Watering Flowers and Plants
The Early Days

Watering flowers and plants just after planting and for about two weeks thereafter will help your plants take root and become well established.

Once your new plants have become established, you can begin a seasonal routine of garden watering with less frequent waterings.

So, you've found just the right place for your potted items, you've dug the holes and planted them.

Now that your plants are settled in the ground, watering your flowers and plants will help get them started well and keep them growing beautifully all season long.

Once you've filled the hole, make a raised rim of soil around each group of plants. The rim should be slightly wider than the root area of the group.

Fill this raised rim area with water. Until the plants begin to establish themselves, the raised rim will help hold water around the root area.

During the first couple of weeks your flowers and plants are in the ground, you'll need to water them regularly, perhaps daily.

Watering them well during their first couple of weeks will help your flowers and plants to become well-established early on and provide you with season long beauty and bloom.

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