When to Plant

When to plant flowers is usually a good question to ask before actually purchasing your potted flowers and plants.

Planting Potted Flowers and Plants

Spring is usually the best season to purchase and plant potted items into your garden areas. Typically if a potted plant or flower is available for purchase at the garden store, it will be okay to plant it in your garden.

Remember to choose a healthy potted item. Beautiful green leaves and strong upright stems are a must. Avoid plants and flowers with yellow or withered leaves.

You may also wish to keep your receipt in case you would need to return and/or replace the item for any reason.


Be sure to wait until
any chance of frost has passed
before planting items in your garden.

Planting On-line Purchased Plants and Flowers

When to plant flowers and plants that are purchased on line is fairly easy. Most on-line companies will ship your items to you at the correct time for planting bulbs or flowers according to your Hardiness Zone.

Tulip bulbs typically should be placed in the ground during the early part of fall in order to produce flowers the following spring. Some varieties may be planted as late as November also.

Iris bulbs (rhizomes) should be planted during the summer season to allow the roots to become well-established before the end of the growing season. Bloom time for Iris is typically spring. Although there are a few re-blooming varieties, be aware that re-blooming Iris are not guaranteed to re-bloom. Often location and climate are factors as to whether or not re-blooming will occur.

Daylilies do well planted either in the spring or in the fall. Whether purchased potted or online, these flexible flowers can be put into your garden during either season. Daylilies can be planted during summer as long as the heat in your area is not too intense and you take care to water a little more often. Remember that the potted Daylilies will be ready to bloom beautifully for you both this season and next.

Groundcover does well with spring and summer plantings. Sometimes the warmer ground of summer can be a benefit to root growth for Groundcovers. Simply remember to water well the first couple of weeks after planting and you're sure to be pleased with the results.

Ornamental Grasses do well when planted in early spring. When planted in spring the grasses will have plenty of time to become well-established before the heat of summer sets in.

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