Daylilies! Beauty for a Day
in Every Way

Daylilies are perfect for you if are looking for a versatile flower that can be used anywhere in your sunny garden areas - whether you need an orange flower, or maybe a red one, or even a yellow one.

And if you want petals that are double or peony-like, maybe even ruffled with wavy edges and with a different color on the edges of the flower, you'll find that amongst the various daylily plants too.

You need look no further than that beauty for a day...the daylily.

Variety in size, color and form...the daylily has it all.

daylilies beauty for a day

These beauties come as small as miniatures with flowers that are less than 3 inches in diameter up to an astonishing 7-1/2 inch diameter of the 'Orchid Corsage' daylily.

When it comes to height, there are the dwarf daylilies with scapes to only about 12 inches tall or if you prefer, the 'Autumn King' will grow to well over 5 feet.

Daylilies are available in solid colors of near white to yellow, orange, red, purple, and pink.

From bi-colors with petals (inner segments) and sepals (outer segments) being different colors like the 'Frans Hals' to bi-tones with lighter sepals and darker petals and reverse bi-tones with darker sepals and lighter petals.

If you would prefer, you could choose an unusual blend like the 'Late Adagio' which intermingles two or more colors or an overlay which occurs in a flower with another color overlaying the basic color.

If you are looking for something rather unique in flower coloring, be sure to check out some of the daylilies with eyezones: 'Siloam Tee Tiny', 'Court Magician', 'Lavender Eyes' or 'Two Part Harmony'.

Or look for some of these beauties that have a picotee edging- where the edge is a different color than the base color of the flower.

A beautiful picotee example is the 'Ana Marie Margetts' daylily.

When it comes to the actual flower forms, you can find daylilies as doubles, 'Siloam Olin Frazier', being peony-like or ruffled with edges that are crimped or wavy.

You will also find daylilies with flowers that appear star shaped with spaces between the petal segments and spider-types like 'Open Hearth' where petal ratios are 4:1, length-to-width.

daylily open hearth Daylily 'Open Hearth'

You will also be able to find those daylilies which resemble a true lily, the trumpet forms, where the petals rise upward with a gentle flare.

These versatile flowers may tend to break your heart though as, generally, the beauty of the daylily bud is in bloom for a single day before it begins to wither.

All is not lost, however, as multiple buds on each daylily scape will provide plenty of beautiful blooms over several weeks during each bloom season.

Whatever color, size or form of flower you are looking for you will want to be sure to check out what that beauty for a day, the daylily, has to offer.

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