Fragrant Bearded Iris

Not all bearded Iris are created equal.

Some known as fragrant bearded Iris are not only stunningly beautiful to the eye... they can also be so delectably scented that they tantalize your olfactory senses.

Known mostly for their breathtaking colors and graceful form, the fragrance in bearded Iris is often overlooked.

It's easy to understand how this might happen when you look at the dazzling dark butterscotch yellow of 'Aggressively Forward' with it's purple edged falls and how pleasing this beauty is to the eyes.

Yet if you take a moment to bend toward the bloom, you're sure to catch a whiff of the enticing, musky fragrance that is given off.

fragrant bearded iris Bearded Iris

If the heavily pronounced smell of 'Aggressively Forward' prove to be a bit much for your sense of smell, then maybe the lighter musky scent found in 'Alice Davis' would be more to your liking.

Fragrances in Iris can vary from a light, slight aroma to an odor that is quite strong and rather pronounced.

For instance, among the fragrances you might find in Iris plants are some that are of a slight sweet scent such as can be found in the heavily ruffled, soft yellow, 'Polish Princess'.

Or you might find an even more pronounced sweet smell in the white flowers of 'Mother Marshmallow'.

You might prefer, instead, the rich spicy fragrance of 'Cosmic Wave's ruffled medium violet blue flowers or the slighter spicy scent of the dazzling orange Iris, 'Minneola'.

Or else, if you'd prefer a more specific scent, maybe the spicy cherry fragrance of 'Thriller' with its intense wine-colored flowers would be your choice.

Quite possibly the orange blossom fragrance of the deep violet blue 'Indigo Princess' is more to your liking. Or the peachy scent emitted from the brilliant color combination of copper, tan, and orange of 'Copper Classic'.

Not to be left out, the Iris pallida 'Variegata', is probably one of the most common fragrant irises planted in gardens.

The leaves of 'Variegata' are elegantly striped and fade from lemon yellow to creamy white thus producing a striking foliage display througout the summer.

The rich violet-blue flowers with yellow beards have an unmistakable grape soda fragrance.

So the next time you look out over a bed of beautiful bearded Iris plants and comment on their breathtaking color or graceful form, don't just take them at face value.

Take a moment to get a little closer and see if possibly someone planted a fragrant bearded Iris to tantalize your sense of smell as well.

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