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  • any garden accessory, ornament or plant used as a focal point, decoration or adornment
  • Amend

  • typically in the sense of improving soil conditions with the addition of compost or fertilizers
  • Bulb

    bulb planting Bulb Planting

  • commonly used term for plant storage organs which provide needed energy for growth and bloom each season; can include true bulbs (tulip flowers), rhizomes (iris), corms, tubers, and tuberous root. Read more on the difference between bulbs and rhizomes
  • Compost

  • naturally decomposed organic material (those with plant and animal origins) used to amend or improve soil conditions and/or used for mulch or protective covering during winter months. Visit our composting page for directions on making your own compost
  • Deadheading

  • the act of removing dead flowers from a plant by pinching them off or by using a sharp cutting tool
  • Groundcover

  • low growing plants that are used to cover soil and help prevent weeds from growing
  • Hardiness Zone

  • climate zones which represent an area of winter hardiness (tolerance) for flowers and plants
  • Humus

  • organic matter that is produced when compost is totally broken down. It is therefore not as course as compost and is used to amend/improve clay and/or sandy soil conditions. It also improves the structure of the soil and helps to retain moisture
  • Mulch (organic)

  • protective covering (as of hardwood bark chips, leaves, straw, ground corncobs, rice or peanut hulls) spread on the ground to retain moisture, control weeds, and amend/improve soil
  • zebra grass Zebra Grass

    Ornamental Grasses

  • grasses used for decorative purposes - can be the main focus of a planting group or used as edging or filler plants
  • Perennial

  • plant that lives and continues to flower for more than two years; they die back each winter yet grow back in the spring from its root stock without needing to be planted new each year
  • Rhizome

  • specific type of bulb from which Iris grow. Note the difference between bulbs and rhizomes
  • Transplant or Divide

  • moving a flower/plant from one area of the garden to another. Dividing is necessary to keep plants healthy and a great way to produce more specimens for your garden at no cost. Check out our plant division tips
  • Trowel

  • a small flat or scooplike hand shovel
  • Weeding Tools

  • any implement used to remove weeds from a garden; i.e. cultivator, dandelion weeder, hoe
  • snow on pine Snowy Pines


  • preparing and protecting a garden from extreme cold temperature fluctuations during winter months
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