The Garden Journal

Gardening Quick 'n Easy has designed This Garden Journal for you to download FREE and personalize as your very own with just a few forms to help you along the way.

garden journal Your Free Journal

You can print as many copies of a specific page from the Journal as needed. For example, if you are putting 5 or 6 different plants in your garden, simply print off 5 or 6 pages of the Planting Log for your use. You can do the same thing for any of the pages in the Journal.

The Journal has a graph to help you map out where plants will go in your garden.

Other pages are for jotting down notes about what you planted, any critter or disease problems/solutions, a review of and a look ahead in your garden. There's even a page of GQnE's Favorite Garden Quotes. Feel free to keep it in your journal, take it out, or even add a page of your own!

That's the beauty of a Gardening Journal ... you can personalize it any way you'd like simply by adding other gardening related pages of your own!

Download your free PDF* version of

This Garden Journal

and enjoy keeping track of your gardening experiences.

(*You'll need Adobe Acrobat - free software - to open a PDF file)

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