Gardening Basics

There are a few gardening basics every gardener needs to be aware of in order to be successful. Knowing this information can help your gardening efforts be successful, too!

gardening basics

Among these important items to consider are:

  • Sun exposure
  • Soil type
  • Available water
  • Hardiness/Heat zones

The amount of sun exposure your flowers and plants receive is important to their survival.

Typically if your plants require full sun and they receive only partial sun during the day, the growth rate will suffer and possibly be stunted.

In the same way, if your plants require partial shade and they receive full sun all day, it may result in baked, dead plants rather than healthy flourishing ones.

Another item to evaluate is the soil types in your garden - which may well not be the same all over.

Will your garden area be mostly clay or sand or possibly a mixture of both?

Or are you among the lucky gardeners who just happen to have a rich loamy soil to plant in? Soil is an extremely important part of your garden ... it's what keeps your flowers and plants growing and healthy.

Water will be important when you're deciding which flowers and plants you'll be able to support in your garden areas.

Do you have a good water supply?

You can always consider drip irrigation or maybe you plan to allow Mother Nature to water your garden as she sees fit. Is your rainfall average sufficient or will you need to consider some of the drought tolerant flowers and plants?

And finally, how cold are your winters or how hot will your summers be? Knowing you gardening zones is important when choosing the best plants for your area.

By applying these gardening basics ... knowing and providing the right amount of sun/shade ratio for your flowers and plants, starting them in good soil, providing water to nourish them, and choosing plants that grow well in your particular geographical location, you will insure much success in planting and enjoying beautiful garden areas.

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