It Died So Now What?

It died so now what?

You bought that flower or plant you've been wanting. You planted it, cared for it, but... it died.

Now what are your options?

Once in a while you're going to do everything just right. You'll pick the perfect location with the right amount of sun/shade ratio.

You'll prepare the soil so it has just the right amount of organic matter to give it the perfect pH balance for the plant.

You'll put it in the hole at the perfect depth and water it religiously for a couple of weeks.

But... as you sit back to wait for the growth to start, it seems a little slow.

That's okay though. You're patient knowing it takes the plant a little time to get settled in and establish a good root system for sustained growth.

However... the growth never occurs. The plant doesn't grow. Instead, it dies.

Now what do you do?

First, put away the tissue box. Second, find the receipt from the retailer where you purchased the plant.

Now you can decide if you want to:

  • Purchase the same plant to try again
    Sometimes the plant itself may be diseased or too weak to survive transplanting.
  • Purchase a plant in the same family but a different variety
    That bright yellow Asiatic Lily, Dreamland, could be replaced with the bright yellow Daylily, Siloam Harold Flickinger, for instance.
  • Purchase a completely different plant for that area
    Rather than an Asiatic Lily or Daylily, leave the lily family altogether and plant the bright yellow of Coreopsis, Early Sunrise.

2 Useful Gardening Tips:

* Take a look at your close neighbors and see if they successfully grow that plant. That way you'll know what your chances are of being sucessful with it too.

* If you can establish the reason for that plant not being suitable for your garden, make a note in your Garden Journal, so you'll remember not to repeat the experiment.

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