Buying Tulip Bulbs

How do you know what to look for when buying tulip bulbs?

How do you determine if the tulip bulbs you are picking out are any good and will grow?

What are some things to know to ensure blooms when buying flowering bulbs?

Here you'll find five things to help you tell a bad bulb from a good one:

buying tulip bulbs

  • Check the bottom of the bulb. Be sure there is no root growth appearing.
  • Touch the bottom of the bulb to check for firmness. Be sure it is free of mold and not soft.
  • Be sure the tulip bulb still has its papery skin protective layer. Cracks and gaps in the layer are fine. Be sure the surface appears clean and firm. Check the protective layer for dirt, severe damage or mold.
  • Check the weight of the bulb. Does it feel nice and heavy for its size? Choose heavy bulbs over lightweight ones.
  • Look at the neck of the bulb. Be sure it's firm and there is no stem growth present yet. If there's a short, thick shoot tip it's okay, but avoid bulbs with longer stem growth already showing up on the bulb.

Buy tulip bulbs as early in the planting season as possible, keeping in mind that the largest selection will be available and the bulbs may be in better condition from less handling.

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