Drip Irrigation

Although drip irrigation may require a higher capital outlay than other methods of garden watering, the advantages will more than pay back the expense.

A drip system:

  • uses much less water
  • saves time
  • produces healthier plants as moisture-related diseases are avoided because the water never touches the leaves
  • helps keep the overall soil temperature cooler
  • reduces soil compaction

Drip Irrigation Terminology

  • the head is where you connect your system to a water source
  • the lines carry water from the faucet out to the garden
  • the feeders or laterals carry water from the lines on out into the garden areas

Install the lines on top of your garden setting by looping the hose portions about 2 foot apart. Cover the hose with mulch to hide the drip lines from view.

You might want to use drip soaker hose which has been made of PVC tubing with a twin wall design - a tube within a tube.

This type of system is easy to snake throughout your garden areas and can be attached to a regular hose.

By using a system that also comes with a timer, you can set the timer to automatically shut off. You might water 3 times per week for 20min at a time if it's been dry or set the timer to water 2 times per week for 30min at a time if there has been some rain showers.

There are many home garden drip or soaker systems available. Your local home and garden store may carry some inexpensive models worth checking out.

There are also some more complex and expensive models to be found online.

Another source to take into serious consideration would be your local plumbing supply store.

They are usually manned by professionals who have the knowledge and the equipment to help you lay out an irrigation design tailored to your particular garden and its needs.

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