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Here you'll find a list of featured articles by guest authors on a variety of gardening topics. There is such a wealth of gardening information and experience available to share ... and as a good gardener also knows:

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~ Chinese proverb

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Asbestos and Vermicuilite
by James O'Shea

Although asbestos containing products have been banned and are now better regulated, among new products that may still contain asbestos are soil retention enhancers such as vermiculite. In this article, James provides more information about what to look for regarding asbestos and vermiculite.

Dazzling Dahlias
by Laraine A. Milazzo

If you are looking for explosions of color, Dahlias can provide a dazzling pallette in your late summer and early autumn garden. See what else Laraine has to say about these beauties.

Reasons for Organically Gardening
by Victor of Garden and Flower Info

"What exactly is meant by organically gardening and why would you do it?" Victor provides answers in this informative article.

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