Fragrant Hosta

Although primarily planted for their variety of foliage, there are many fragrant hosta among these beauties also.

fragrant hosta Hosta Plantaginea

Typically hosta are thought of as just a green plant.

However, there are several hosta varieties with stunningly beautiful colors, edges and stripes.

Along with the foliage colors, green, blue, gold, gold variegated, and white variegated, there are also different types of hosta.

There are background, edging, and specimen hosta; and there are the
fragrant-flowered hosta.

The fragrant hosta were bred from the heavily scented species plantaginea, a 24" high, 60" wide beautiful light green, shiny plant with heart-shaped leaves.

Generally the flowers on these particular hosta plants will bloom late in summer. The flower colors range from white to purple with the majority being white or close to white.

fragrant hosta stained glass Hosta 'Stained Glass'

To the left, you can see a beautiful mix of greens and golds in the 'Stained Glass' hosta. This one is a fast growing hosta with large, near white flowers that bloom in August (Northern Hemisphere or February in the Southern Hemisphere). It's sure to brighten any garden area.

You'll want to plant these hostas where you'll be able to enjoy their fragrance, especially in the evening. The scent from these fragrant-flowered hosta usually intensifies in the evening hours.

Some of the other fragrant-flowered hosta include:

  • 'Fragrant Bouquet'; White variegated; 22"h x 48"w - near white flowers
  • 'Fragrant Star'; Blue foliage; medium sized plant - lavendar flowers
  • 'Guacamole'; Gold variegated; 24"h x 54"w - white flowers
  • 'Invincible'; Green foliage; 24"h x 45"w - lavendar flowers
  • 'Showtime'; White variegated; 22"h x 32"w - white flowers

Place them under windows and around doors. Tuck them in around decks and along paths. Plant them anywhere that you'll pass by often to appreciate the wonderful fragrances.

As an added bonus, many of these fragrant cultivars will tolerate more sun than any other group of hosta plants.

Visit our Hosta main page for more information on this gorgeous plant.

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