Gardening Rose Tip for the Day

Looking for a gardening rose tip?

Well, here is one for each day of the week and are the ones probably most often offered by experienced rose gardeners. Hopefully these tips can help you grow your most beautiful roses ever.

Day 1 - Buy the right roses for the area you're planting. Roses can be used to solve lots of landscape problems. Use climbing roses to cover an unsightly fence. Use ground cover roses to fill in an area where you've had difficulty growing grass.

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Day 2 - Roses need regular feeding. If you want to see lots of blooms, feed your roses generously and regularly throughout the growing season.

Each rose plant you buy will give you feeding directions. You'll find that the first feeding of the growing season is especially important, as it gets your roses off to a good start. But, you'll need to feed all season long if you want the blooms to keep coming.

Day 3 - The gardening rose tip for today is to look for rose food that has lots of phosphorous. A generous amount of phosphorous in your food will help ensure lots of blooms.

Day 4 - Spread those roots. When planting a rose bush, take the time to untangle the roots and spread them out. Remove any that are damaged and spread them out in the hole as you plant. This will help your plant develop a good root system.

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Day 5 - Keep the plants tidy. Roses need pruning once a year in the early spring. In addition, you should take care to deadhead spent blooms regularly and remove any leaves that become infected with disease.

Day 6 - The gardening rose tip for today is to know the plant before you buy it. If you're not willing to put lots of time and energy into your rose garden, simply choose rose varieties that are disease resistant and hardy. This will keep your time in the garden to a minimum but still give you beautiful plants.

Day 7 - Make sure your roses have great soil. Add plenty of compost and peat moss for drainage, and aim for a soil that is slightly acidic.

Growing roses is not really that complicated; though it seems that many people are intimidated by the prospect. But, with a little time, effort and attention to detail, you'll be growing gorgeous roses in no time.

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