Hosta Pictures

In the Hosta pictures on this page, you'll find a sampling of the myriad varieties with which you can adorn your garden.

There are fragrant ones, big leafed ones and just about every one of them could only have been created by a master designer.

Note: All the plant dimensions are given by height first and then by width.

hosta on stage 'On Stage' 26" x 60" - gold variegated - specimen

hosta gold edger 'Gold Edger' 12" x 30" - gold foliage - edging

hosta blue cadet 'Blue Cadet' 15" x 38" - green foliage - edging

hosta strip tease 'Strip Tease' 20" x 40" - white variegated - specimen

hosta wide brim 'Wide Brim' 18" x 45" - creamy edges

hosta ice age trail 'Ice Age Trail' 20" x 40" - white variegated - specimen

hosta sum and substance 'Sum and Substance' 15" x 32" - gold foliage - background

hosta halcyon 'Halcyon' 16" x 40" - blue foliage - specimen

hosta pauls glory 'Paul's Glory' 25" x 55" - gold variegated - specimen

hosta stained glass 'Stained Glass' 15" x 32" - gold variegated - fragrant

hosta elegans h. sieboldiana 'Elegans' 30" x 60" - blue foliage - background

hosta tattoo 'Tattoo' 10-12" x 18-24" - gold variegated

hosta shade fanfare 'Shade Fanfare' 24" x 16" - blue-green changin to dark green w/cream and white variegation - spreader

Hosta are beautiful in any garden setting! To really appreciate how the plants depicted in the hosta pictures above (and more) can be used in your garden design, please go to our Hosta main page where all the pages are listed that illustrate the various uses of hosta plants.

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