Hosta Varieties

There are many Hosta varieties available and you're sure to find at least one that you'll want to add to your most attractive gardening areas.

In these beautiful plants, you'll find a wide variety of plant size, leaf color and foliage type.

If it's size you're needing to consider, Hosta range in size from a mere 2 inches high to well over 3 feet high. They can grow as compact as 6 inches wide to over 6 feet wide.

hosta varieties 'Pauls Glory'

Hosta can be used in your garden as focal points (specimen plants), as edging e.g. in a herbaceous border, as groundcover or as background plant and in container gardening.

And as an added bonus ... some Hosta have wonderfully fragrant flowers too. You can see some examples on our Fragrant Hosta page.

Suppose your garden needs a little extra coloring in the foliage area ... Hosta are the very plants you could use to fill those needs.

hosta variety captain kirk 'Captain Kirk'

Maybe it's a specific foliage color you're looking for ... a splash of green or maybe blue-green or even a goldish-green you want to add to your garden.

Hosta foliage comes in quite a wide assortment of colors: blue, gold and gold variegated, white variegated and of course, green.

How about foliage shape or type? Hosta leaves can be found nearly round, lance or even heart shaped.

They have smooth, shiny leaves and puckered or corrugated looking ones.

Some hosta foliage even turns up at the edges or may appear wavy looking.

As you can see, with all of the Hosta varieties available, adding a few of them to your garden could easily provide for all your foliage needs.

Do visit our Hosta main page for links to more Hosta information.

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