Indoor Herb Container Gardening

Indoor herb container gardening is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to get into, or continue gardening, but lacks large outdoor space.

If you love your fresh herbs but you're being driven indoors because of winter, never fear, you can still grow your herbs successfully.

Indoor Herb Containers

Just about any container can be used for indoor herb container gardening. The most important factor is that there should be some amount of drainage so that the herb plants do not become saturated.

Periodically you can get away with containers that do not allow drainage by watering only after you have allowed the soil in the container to dry out between watering.

indoor herb container gardening

You may want to plant a number of herbs in one large container - this arrangement can be quite a conversation piece because of the attractiveness of the different herbs.

You can also plant each individual herb in its own container, the choice is yours although available space may also play a role.

Herb Seedlings Or Seeds

If you don't really have a green thumb or you want quick results, starting with seedlings is the best option. If you want the whole experience, consider starting your container gardening experience by sowing seeds.

If you buy seedlings try to get them from a reputable source, likewise if you are growing from seeds check to make sure their expiry date has not passed.

Some recommended herbs for any project are thyme, parsley, dill, chives, rosemary, lavender and mint.

indoor herb plants

Growing Medium for a Herb Garden

Although it is not advisable to use garden soil for your indoor herb garden, some gardeners have done so with great success. The best potting medium however is the commercial type sold in gardening stores.

The Best Spot for Your Indoor Herb Garden

Ideally you should place your containers in the sunniest area indoors, so an area such as a window sill that gets a fair amount of sunlight is the best place.

Because you will be growing herbs, placing the garden in or near the kitchen is always the first option.

Indoor herb container gardening will save you money in the long run as your shopping bill will be less once your herbs are ready for use.

You will also begin to eat a lot healthier and, of course, you will always have fresh herbs ready to add flavor to any meal.

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