Large Leaf Hosta

Large leaf hosta can be used in garden design to make a bold statement!

large leaf hosta

They can be used as speciment plants or to create beautiful backdrops for smaller hosta or other plants.

Hostas look wonderful on their own or mixed into a perennial bed as background or groundcover plants.

The foliage of the background hosta can complement or contrast with the foliage of other plants to create different effects in the garden.

Hostas with very large leaves can range in size from 3 to 5 feet high and/or wide depending on their overall setting and whether ideal sun, soil and moisture conditions are in place.

Be aware, though, that it may take between 3-5 years for these hosta to reach their full mature size.

Plant your hosta in organically amended soil and leave them in place, undisturbed for best results.

Background hosta are large plants that can be used with garden furniture or yard art to create a focal point.

hosta specimen plants Hosta as Focal Plants

Some of the very large hosta varieties include:

  • 'Blue Angel' Blue; 30"h x 80"w (leaves: 16" long by 12" wide)
  • 'Krossa Regal' Blue; 33"h x 70"w (leaves: 11" long)
  • 'Lady Isobel Barnett' Gold Variegated; 36"h x 80"w (leaves: 16" long and 12" wide)
  • 'Northern Exposure' White Variegated; 36"h x 66"w (leaves: 15" long by 11" wide)
  • sum and substance hosta 'Sum and Substance'

  • 'Regal Splendor' White Variegated; 32"h x 60"w (leaves: 12" long and 7" wide)
  • 'Sagae' White Variegated; 30"h x 70"w (leaves: 10" long and 7" wide)
  • h. sieboldiana 'Elegans' Blue; 30"h x 60"w (leaves: 15" long by 11" wide)
  • 'Sum and Substance' Gold variegated; 32"h x 80"w (leaves: 20" long by 15" wide)

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