Slug Resistant Hosta

Although there are slug resistant hosta, none of the hosta plants are guaranteed to be totally immune to slug damage.

Unless your garden has a heavy infestation of slugs though, there are some of the hosta plants that generally remain unbothered by slugs.

One of these is the classic hosta, 'Halcyon', shown below. It has spear-shaped foliage in a beautiful shade of blue.

This hosta is a quick grower of medium size, 15-22"h and 18-22"w. Pale lavender flowers bloom about mid-summer.

slug resistant hosta Hosta 'Halcyon'

A few other slug resistant hosta blues are 'Blue Mammoth', 'Blue Plate Special', 'Blue Shadows', 'Krossa Regal', and 'Reptillian'.

Heavier and tougher leaves are generally characteristic of hosta that are slug resistant.

'Sum and Substance', is a gold leafed hosta that will brighten up any shady garden area.

This large hosta will grow up to 36"h and up to 80"w.

The wide, heavily textured, bright chartreuse leaves may change to a golden green in brighter light. Lavender flowers bloom late in the season.

Other varieties in the group of slug resistant hosta include:

    hosta variety 'Abiqua Drinking Gourd'

  • 'Abiqua Drinking Gourd' Blue; Specimen*; 20"h x 45"w
  • 'Aspen Gold' Gold; 24"h x 56"h
  • 'Big Daddy' Blue; Background**; 24"h x 60"w
  • 'Bright Lights' Chartreuse w/Blue-green margins; 16"h x 30"w
  • 'Blue Umbrellas' Green; Background; 30"h x 72"w
  • 'Camelot' Blue; 15"h x 40"w
  • 'Frances Williams' Gold; Background; 30"h x 60"w
  • 'June' Gold; Specimen; 12"h x 30"w
  • 'Love Pat' Blue; Specimen; 21"h x 50"w
  • 'Spilt Milk' White variegated; Specimen; 20"h x 40"w

* Specimen hosta can be used mixed in a garden border of other perennials and still stand out and hold their own in the garden.

Typically it may be the leaf shape, plant size, leaf color or variegation that helps a specimen hosta stand out if there are other plants around it.

** Background hosta are large plants that can act as a backdrop for other smaller shade garden plants or smaller hosta in the foreground.

The foliage of the background hosta can compliment or contrast with the foliage of other plants to create different effects in the garden.

You may also want to visit our Hosta main page for more pictures and information.

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