Sun Tolerant Hostas

There are sun tolerant hostas that will be the ideal plant in some parts of your garden.

Believe it or not, not all hosta require full shade to grow well.

Most hostas will grow fine in some sun conditions as long as they are watered often i.e. kept reasonably moist. There are even a group of hostas that actually perform better and prefer to grow in conditions of 3/4 to full sun.

These are the sun resistant or sun tolerant hostas.

When placed in sunny locations, you can expect that the blue varieties of hosta in this group will look greener.

The green hostas will look lighter and the gold varieties will look brighter.

sun tolerant hosta 'Francee'

Some of them may still tend to burn if in very hot, dry locations so you will need to keep this in mind when deciding where to plant these sun resistant hosta in your garden.

Some of the sun tolerant varieties of hosta include:

  • 'Blue Umbrellas' Green; Background**; 30"h x 72"w
  • 'Fragrant Bouquet' White Variegated; Fragrant; 22"h x 48"h
  • 'Fried Bananas' Gold; Fragrant; 23"h x 53"w
  • 'Guacamole' Gold Variegated; Fragrant; 24"h x 54"w
  • 'Invincible' Green; Fragrant; 20"h x 48"w
  • 'Royal Standard' Green; Fragrant; 26"h x 50"w
  • 'Sum and Substance' Gold Variegated; Background; 32"h x 80"w

** Background hosta are large plants that can act as a backdrop for other smaller shade garden plants or smaller hosta in the foreground. The foliage of the background hosta can complement or contrast with the foliage of other plants to create different effects in the garden.

Garden Design Tip

Remember how far-away mountains look blue? That is because of the influence of atmospheric light on colors.

You can use this natural phenomenon in your garden design - exactly the same way an artist would do who wants to create the illusion of depth by using receding colors.

If you use blue-toned plants at the back of your planting and yellow-green plants right at the front, the eye will interpret it in terms of distance too - great for smaller or narrower herbaceous borders or beds where you want to create an illusion of depth and dimension.

Discover more garden design uses and varieties of these plants on our Hosta main page.

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