Tomato Gardening Tips

Follow these simple tomato gardening tips to grow a bounty of beautiful tomatoes. Tomato gardening is not difficult, but it does require some care and attention to get the plants started.

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While all tomato varieties have some strategies that work more effectively, most tips will work well with all varieties and types of gardens.

All the following tips, tomato gardening both indoors and outdoors, are effective and organic in nature to prevent any concerns with using herbicides or pesticides in the garden.

  • Plant the tomatoes deep in the soil of the container or garden. Be sure that the roots are at least two to three inches deep in the soil.

    This is especially true if the tomato variety produces large size tomatoes. Shallow rooted tomato plants are more likely to require staking or will simply fall over when they start to bear fruit.

    Many of the best tips tomato gardening experts recommend are to bury the seedling at least to the bottom leaves.

  • Plant tomatoes in moist soil and in direct to indirect sunlight. Keep the soil damp but not saturated with water.

    Watch for any signs of the leaves curling or appearing dry. If this happens immediately increase the amount of water being provided.

  • Stake or place tomato cages around the plants prior to the tomatoes forming. This will support the weight of the plant and prevent any damage from the plants becoming uprooted.

    This is one of the most important tips. Tomato gardening requires some advanced planning to ensure that plants mature properly.

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More Top Tomato Gardening Tips

  • Start with a good quality seed or tomato plant. Find out what varieties grow best in your area and stick with what works. Heirloom tomatoes are often a good option as they have natural immunity to many soil and plant insects and diseases that may occur in your area.
  • Mulch around the tomato plant, even if it is in a container. Not only will mulching prevent weeds from going around the plant but it will also conserve moisture.
  • Remove the bottom leaves from the tomato plant as they start to age. The brown spots on the bottom leaves are often the first signs of mold or fungus due to the moisture levels and lack of sunshine to these leaves.

These tomato gardening tips, and ideas for keeping your plants healthy will ensure that you have a wonderful harvest. For some interesting and conversation starting tomatoes try one of the new or heirloom varieties of yellow, orange or even purple tomatoes.

The tips, tomato gardening advice and practical strategies will be the same for these various types of tomatoes as for the standard tomato varieties that gardeners love to grow.

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