Water Supply is Important for
a Successful Garden

Your water supply can come from many sources ... Mother Nature via rainfall, collected in a rainbarrel for use with a watering can, some form of sprinkler or drip irrigation system, or directly from a hose with a hand sprayer.

Use whatever method works best for you in order to make water available to your garden.

The important thing is to make sure your garden area has enough water for your flowers and plants to be healthy and grow well. Typically your garden needs 1 inch of water per week.

water supply Garden Watering

How do you know when you should water?

One way is to use a rain gauge or set out a shallow container to help determine how much water your garden is receiving.

Be sure to set up the rain gauge or container in your garden placing it where it will reflect how much water is being provided if you are using a sprinkler also.

Another way is to stick your finger in the ground. If the soil feels really dry down to a depth of about 3-5 inches, it's time to give your flowers and plants a drink.

Remember to water slow and deep rather than fast and shallow. Water the ground, not the plant.

You'll want the water to penetrate down to the roots of your plants for maximum benefit. Place the hose or watering can spout at the base of the plant.

Be sure the water pressure is gentle rather than a strong stream of water that washes away any soil from the roots of your plants.

Water early in the day. This way, you'll avoid the hottest part of the day when much of the moisture would be lost to evaporation.

Also, your flowers and plants will have all day to dry off so any fungus or disease will less likely be a problem than if your plants had been left wet overnight.

To help keep the soil cool so that it holds moisture better, consider putting about a 2 inch layer of mulch around most of the flowers and plants.

The mulch will help prevent runoff and allow the soil to better hold in the water it does receive.

An adequate water supply is a must for the continued health, development, and well-being of the beautiful flowers and plants in your garden areas.

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